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Tank monitoring

Rethink tank monitoring with the IoT

  • Predictive and just-in-time order management can help optimise resource planning and therefore save time and money.
  • Monitoring sensors can automatically detect temperature changes, filling status and general conditions.

Storage tanks and silos are a crucial part of many industries. From water management companies who need to store chemicals used to treat wastewater and farms that need to store wheat grain and feed, to industrial plants storing raw materials such as coal, wood and minerals, convenient storage is a huge aspect of their business. Even suppliers to these companies need storage facilities in order to deliver goods to their clients. Storage facilities are only useful if companies are able to accurately monitor the stock levels. For most of these companies, the only current solution are manual checks that are time consuming and ineffective.

This means companies routinely run out of stock. What these industries need is a way to remotely monitor stock levels without wasting man hours doing it by hand. What they need is a smart IoT solution. Using the long range Sigfox radio network, several leading IoT organizations have developed the solution these companies desperately need. Read more about tank monitoring in our Use Case Booklet:

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