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Water management enters the age of the smart city thanks to IoT

Long-range telemetry solutions connect water meters, save utility companies time and resources

We have entered the age of the smart city. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become the norm, and urban areas are increasingly using new telemetry technologies to remotely and securely manage public assets. Utility companies are no exception. As water management systems age, and companies prepare to update their infrastructures, many have discovered the advantages of upgrading to long-range remote meter systems, such as Sigfox’s global IoT network. By connecting their water meters over Sigfox’s network, utility companies around the world have eliminated the need for onsite meter readings, saving time and resources and even improving customer satisfaction.

Utility companies save manpower and lower costs with smart water meters
As any utility manager knows, dispatching staff to manually read water meters is both time consuming and a logistical headache. First-generation telemetry solutions have made a small difference by allowing utility companies to remotely read meters from short distances. But with ranges of only a few meters, these solutions still take considerable manpower, not to mention fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.
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